Although incidences are very rare, any allegations of bullying should be immediately reported to the Care & Achievement Co-Ordinator who will liaise directly with the Head of Care & Achievement and the Head of School.


Bullying in school is behaviour that:

The Department of Education definition is available at: https://www.gov.uk/bullying-at-school/bullying-a-definition (May 2017)


Examples of bullying in school.

Please see the Home School Agreement  and our ‘Reach for the Stars’ (pupil code of conduct), plus our information on e-safety for further guidance.

Bullying outside of school:

Bullying outside of schools hours is equally unacceptable. Incidences of bullying that occur outside of school hours that impact upon the welfare and wellbeing of our pupils during school hours will, with the support of the school, need to be addressed by parents.


The following websites offer advice on how parents can address bullying outside of school hours:







If the bullying cannot be resolved by the parent, then the school will with the permission of all parties and in in accordance with the Data Protection Act, forward contacts details so parents of the perpetrator and the victim can communicate to stop the behaviour.

If unacceptable behaviour outside of school cannot be addressed, or starts to impact on the child within school, and the matter cannot be resolved through effective adult parental communication, then the school will inform the Police and Social Services.


Care & Achievement Coordinators

Our Care & Achievement Coordinators support pupils in each year group, and are the main point of contact between parents, pupils and school.  If you have any queries, please contact the appropriate Care & Achievement Coordinator in the first instance.

Year 7 - Mrs Cavanagh - 07790 987139

Year 8 - Mrs Carlill - 07980 702715

Year 9 - Miss Parkin - 07790 987137

Year 10 - Mr Elwers - 07790 987131

Year 11 - Mrs Cross - 07790 987142

Sixth Form - Mrs Clark- 07790 987009

Senior Care, Achievement & Outreach Coordinator and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Wright - 07790 987007

If you require paper copies of any documents on our website please contact the school office (contact details below).


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