Curriculum Overview

As a school of just over 1,200 pupils and students, we are large enough to offer a broad curriculum while at the same time ensuring your child is known and cared for as an individual. 

The curriculum at Woldgate School is driven by a desire to expand knowledge, drive progress and ensure our pupils enter the community of educated citizens. We value the qualifications that our pupils achieve but we want to ensure that pupils have the knowledge and competencies they need to understand and thrive in the world. To this end, each subject creates a progress journey for pupils, ensuring they are ready for what they are about to learn by building on the knowledge that has come before. We also believe in breadth, and the right of all pupils to study maths, literature, the humanities, science, computing and a language, as well as design and technology, art, music, drama and PE.  

Curriculum: Intent 

We are passionate in our aim to ensure that all our pupils have the widest possible range of opportunities and experiences in life, and grow into happy, confident individuals and productive members of the local, national and world community.  To achieve this, we have designed our curriculum to ensure it is of world-class quality, relevant to our pupils’ needs and interests so that all pupils are challenged with clearly sequenced knowledge.  Our curriculum aims to reduce social inequality by developing our pupils’ cultural knowledge and experiences, so that they can talk, study and work with confidence with people from all over the world and backgrounds.  Our curriculum enables our pupils to excel, and through achieving exceptional academic outcomes, our pupils are able to thrive in any path they choose.

Our curriculum: 

  • Is based upon what we consider to be the best that has been thought, said and done
  • Widens the reference points of our pupils 
  • Is explicit about the knowledge pupils need to know to succeed 
  • Is sequenced to ensure the best possible progress for our pupils 
  • Ensures pupils have remembered what they have been taught 
  • Is assessed to ensure the whole curriculum has been learnt 
  • Carefully considers prior progress and gaps in knowledge. 
  • Develops our pupils into creative, analytical and original thinkers 

A pledge, to our pupils, and parents: 

At Woldgate School we will endevour to: 

1. Be clear on the intent of the curriculum in our subject and be able to articulate that intent to others 

2. Have well organised, language rich schemes of learning in which the core knowledge and skills to be taught to pupils are well-sequenced so that all staff can clearly see the purpose of each lesson in the progression journey.  

3. Ensure lessons are taught with fidelity to the intended curriculum utilising the most effective teaching approaches to ensure a fully inclusive experience.  

4. Provide knowledge organisers for pupils with the core, non-negotiable knowledge they need to learn each term clearly laid out 

5. Allow pupils to see the bigger picture of their education by ensuring that they know why they are learning what they are learning, both within units or work, and over a whole year 

6. Provide high quality, online learning resources for our pupils so they have access to materials to support learning at every key stage 

7. Have a departmental system of interleaved common assessment adhered to by all teachers which clearly plans out formative and summative assessment and helps drive future learning 

8. Provide timely and purposeful feedback to our pupils that they can act upon to improve 

A Curriculum offer that drives pupil readiness for the future

The curriculum at Woldgate School has been carefully crafted, and offers a rich and challenging suite of qualifications that combine the academic rigour of traditional qualifications alongside vocational learning.

The curriculum and combination of qualifications offered to pupils has been constructed with the local labour market needs and our fully comprehensive intake of students in mind. 

All pupils are known and cared for as individuals, and are supported regardless of individual needs, background and starting points, as we work to help them realise their future aspirations together.

In the heart of the East Riding, we fully embrace our School’s responsibility to ensure our Curriculum is designed with recognition of the Labour Market research conducted by our local LMI source (LMI Humber); that it acknowledges both shortfalls and growth of sectors; and that it strives to best place our pupils, not only to successfully contribute to global economies as citizens of the world, but to contribute to our local community, as citizens of the East Riding.

Key Sector groups:

  • Business and Retail
  • Creative and Digital Media
  • Energy, Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Health and Social Care


Care & Achievement Coordinators

Our Care & Achievement Coordinators support pupils in each year group, and are the main point of contact between parents, pupils and school.  If you have any queries, please contact the appropriate Care & Achievement Coordinator in the first instance.

Year 7 - Mrs McDonough - 07980 702715 - [email protected]

Year 8 - Mrs Cross - 07790 987131 - [email protected]

Year 9 - Mrs Cavanagh - 07790 987139 - [email protected]

Year 10 - Mr Joseph - 07790 987142 - [email protected]

Year 11 - Mrs Clark - 07790 987009 - [email protected]

Sixth Form - Mrs Fairhurst - 07790 987137 - [email protected]

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Child Protection Coordinator - Mrs Wright - 07790 987007 - [email protected]

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mr Sloman - 01759 302395 - [email protected]

Attendance Officer - Mrs O'Brien - 01759 302395 - [email protected]

Attendance and Wellbeing Coordinator - Mrs Sanchez-Ewbank - [email protected]

If you require paper copies of any documents on our website please contact the school office (contact details below).

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