Frequently Asked Questions

‘How will I know what lessons I have each day?’

Your form tutor will give you your timetable on your first day at Woldgate School in September. They will go through all your lessons and teachers, the rooms they are taught in and what times you need to be there.

‘Will I be able to find my classrooms around the school?’

Your form tutor will also give you a map of the school on your first day (Mr Sloman will also give you a map of the school when he visits your primary school). Your form tutor will go through your timetable, pointing out where all your classrooms are on the map. You can use the map for as long as want.

Form tutors, teachers and older pupils will also be on hand to help you find your classroom. If you are unsure about where you need to go, just ask someone.

‘What if I am late to a lesson?’

Your teachers know you are new to the school, and during the first week we expect you to take a little bit longer to find your classroom.

‘Do I need to bring money to buy food in the Café?

Our café uses a cashless system for payment; a simple fingerprint swipe is all that is needed to pay for food. Your parents will need to pay money into your account via our school website before your first day. Alternatively, you can bring packed lunch.

‘How will I make friends?

Just remember that everyone is in the same boat; even pupils joining us from larger primary schools will make new friends at secondary school. We do lots of team-building activities in forms both before the summer and during the first few weeks of September. These will help you to get to know other people in your form really quickly. We also run a ‘Buddy Club’ at lunchtimes where Year 7 pupils can come and play games, solve puzzles and make friends with like-minded people. There also lots of lunchtime and afterschool clubs you can get involved in to help you make friends.

‘How much homework will I get?’

Our Year 7 pupils are expected to complete one homework assignment per subject per week. We expect pupils to spend 20 minutes of quality study time on each assignment. Homework is introduced gradually over the first four weeks of September, beginning with only two or three subjects in the first week.

‘Is there anywhere in school I can complete my homework?’

Pupils are more than welcome to work on their homework assignments in school. Our Independent Learning Centre is open from 8:30am each morning and closes 5pm each evening to allow pupils to work on homework or other projects. Furthermore, pupils can use the Independent Learning Centre at break times and lunchtimes to complete homework.

‘What foreign language will I study?’

At Woldgate School, our pupils study either French or Spanish, with some pupils having the opportunity to study both languages from Year 9. You will normally continue to study the foreign language you have been studying at primary school, unless you and your parent nominate a preference.

'Are there any clubs or activities I can take part in?'

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in clubs and activities, both during school time and after school. There is a large variety of sports clubs, ranging from football to dance and from rounders to table tennis. We also have a strong volunteering tradition in school and there are often opportunities to get involved with activities and initiatives. We have a very strong performing arts department which run choirs, orchestras, bands and drama clubs during lunchtimes.

‘How do I know when homework is due to be handed in?’

When you start in September, your form tutor will issue with a Pupil Planner. This contains a homework planner and all the information you will need in school, including the equipment you need to bring. The Planner also contains a homework timetable, listing when homework will be set in each subject.

When you receive your homework assignment in lesson, you will note down the instructions in your Planner and note the due date. Once you have completed the homework, you can tick it off in your Planner.

‘What can I do if I get to school early, or if I have to stay late?’

The Independent Learning Centre is open and staffed from 8:30am each morning, and closes at 5pm every evening. It contains computers and large tables, so you can complete any homework and print it off. Alternatively, you may simply want to do some additional research around a topic in your lessons, or work on a project. Pupils using the Independent Learning Centre after school need to sign in and out.

‘What subjects will I learn in Year 7?

You will learn lots of new subjects in Year 7, as well as new things in more familiar subjects like Maths and English. Here is a complete list of the subjects: Maths, English, Science, Computer Studies, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Physical Education, Art & Design, Music, Drama, Design & Technology, French or Spanish and Citizenship.

‘What sort of things will I be doing during form registration each morning?’

Each morning, all pupils go to form registration between 8:50am and 9:20am. Each morning, pupils take part in a different activity. One morning consists of the Head of Lower School (Mrs Minton) Assembly, during which awards and certificates for the week are distributed. Another morning consists of an assembly by one of the Assistant Headteachers, Deputy Headteacher or Mr Britton.

During the other mornings, form tutors share important messages and announcements with their form, sign their Planners and ensure everything is going well. Pupils take part in form debates about important current affairs, solve puzzles and take part in news quizzes. They are take part in literacy and numeracy based activities.



Care & Achievement Coordinators

Our Care & Achievement Coordinators support pupils in each year group, and are the main point of contact between parents, pupils and school.  If you have any queries, please contact the appropriate Care & Achievement Coordinator in the first instance.

Year 7 - Mrs Cavanagh - 07790 987139

Year 8 - Mrs Carlill - 07980 702715

Year 9 - Miss Parkin - 07790 987137

Year 10 - Mr Elwers - 07790 987131

Year 11 - Mrs Cross - 07790 987142

Sixth Form - Mrs Clark- 07790 987009

Senior Care, Achievement & Outreach Coordinator and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Wright - 07790 987007 -

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mr Sloman -

If you require paper copies of any documents on our website please contact the school office (contact details below).


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