Personal Development Studies

A high-quality citizenship education provides pupils with knowledge, skills and
understanding that they need to play a full and active part in society. At Woldgate School,
STARS is delivered in one hour sessions each week, containing a whole-year group assembly
linked to the lesson theme, to all pupils and students from Year 7 to 13. Citizenship
education in particular fosters pupils’ awareness and understanding of democracy,
government and how laws are made and upheld.

Our lessons, planned centrally and delivered by form tutors to their children, equips pupils
with the skills and knowledge to explore political and social issues critically, to weigh
evidence, debate and make reasoned arguments. It also prepares pupils to take their place
in society as responsible citizens, manage their money well and make sound financial

Alongside this, pupils will also experience much of their Relationships and Sex Education
through the STARS lessons though these – as with the Citizenship curriculum – is also mapped
against each subject through their ‘value’ statement, meaning we all share responsibility for its
delivery. Parents have the right to request that their child is withdrawn from the noncompulsory
parts of the RSE provision. Details of how to do this are available in our
Relationships and Sex Education policy.

STARS Curriculum Overview



How families can support:

Families can support pupils by asking pupils what they have been studying in class and discussing
these issues with them. Parents are also requested to attend the careers fair with their son or
daughter and to encourage their child to take part in school based events such as our school
council elections.


Care & Achievement Coordinators

Our Care & Achievement Coordinators support pupils in each year group, and are the main point of contact between parents, pupils and school.  If you have any queries, please contact the appropriate Care & Achievement Coordinator in the first instance.

Year 7 - Mrs McDonough - 07980 702715 - [email protected]

Year 8 - Mrs Cross - 07790 987131 - [email protected]

Year 9 - Mrs Cavanagh - 07790 987139 - [email protected]

Year 10 - Mr Joseph - 07790 987142 - [email protected]

Year 11 - Mrs Clark - 07790 987009 - [email protected]

Sixth Form - Mrs Fairhurst - 07790 987137 - [email protected]

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Child Protection Coordinator - Mrs Wright - 07790 987007 - [email protected]

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mr Sloman - 01759 302395 - [email protected]

Attendance Officer - Mrs O'Brien - 01759 302395 - [email protected]

Attendance and Wellbeing Coordinator - Mrs Sanchez-Ewbank - [email protected]

If you require paper copies of any documents on our website please contact the school office (contact details below).

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