Our vision:

At Woldgate School we believe that studying Sociology gives students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of society and understand how it functions. By studying how institutions such as the family, the education system, and the mass media influence our behaviour and experiences, students are encouraged to look at society in a more critical way and engage in the world around them. Sociology staff have a passion for the subject and utilise contemporary examples and issues to ensure pupils are always engaged. Students will gain a holistic appreciation of Sociology through the use of a range of teaching strategies that promote independent, student-led, active learning, such as structured debates and discussions, and practical activities.

Sociology is a subject that encourages critical thinking, allowing students to develop informed opinions and an understanding of a range of social issues. They will be challenged to look beyond appearances and assumptions and see the “bigger picture.” Sociology will equip students with the ability to apply sociological theory to different areas of society, as well as developing strategic skills such as the ability to interpret data, assess the impact of social policies, and consider the relative value of a range of evidence.

Sociology matters because it encourages students to engage in society, challenge injustice, and understand other people’s experiences and motivations. 

Everything you do in Sociology should be worthy of great merit, character, and value.

Of great merit: Critical

Of great character: Awareness

Of great value: Respect

Sociology Curriculum Intent 


Care & Achievement Coordinators

Our Care & Achievement Coordinators support pupils in each year group, and are the main point of contact between parents, pupils and school.  If you have any queries, please contact the appropriate Care & Achievement Coordinator in the first instance.

Year 7 - Mrs McDonough - 07980 702715 - [email protected]

Year 8 - Mrs Cross - 07790 987131 - [email protected]

Year 9 - Mrs Cavanagh - 07790 987139 - [email protected]

Year 10 - Mr Joseph - 07790 987142 - [email protected]

Year 11 - Mrs Clark - 07790 987009 - [email protected]

Sixth Form - Mrs Fairhurst - 07790 987137 - [email protected]

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Child Protection Coordinator - Mrs Wright - 07790 987007 - [email protected]

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mr Sloman - 01759 302395 - [email protected]

Attendance Officer - Mrs O'Brien - 01759 302395 - [email protected]

Attendance and Wellbeing Coordinator - Mrs Sanchez-Ewbank - [email protected]

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