Part of the Family

Mr L Sloman

Welcome from the Headteacher Trust in a team of seasoned teaching professionals

As Headteacher of Woldgate School and Sixth Form College, I am committed to providing the very best education for the young people in our care, and every day I feel privileged to be part of this school and to see the many great achievements of our pupils. Located on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds, our school has a long tradition of being at the heart of the community, and we are proud to serve the market town of Pocklington, the City of York and the surrounding villages, providing excellent education and opportunities for each and every pupil.   

Woldgate is a school with a distinct vision for education. Our view of an outstanding school is based on shared values, where every child is known and cared for as an individual. To cultivate this, we build a supportive and caring community, where a child’s talents can grow through academic study and the opportunity to participate in the many activities, productions and visits that make Woldgate School unique. We are a school with a positive, welcoming, warm atmosphere, in which pupils take pride in their achievements and where each individual pupil achieves academically through consistently good teaching, in an environment that seeks to nurture their love of learning and challenges them to excel. 

Founded in 1958, Woldgate’s original school motto celebrated the distinct education the school sought to bring. This motto is, for me, an integral part of our school life; it defines who we are as a community. 

“Everything you do should be worthy, of great merit, character and value.” 
Of great merit:  

The quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially deserving of praise or reward.  

Of great character:  

The moral qualities that define an individual.  

Of great value:  

The principles or standards of conduct we work to; our judgment of what is important in life.  

I truly believe that part of what makes this community so special is the Holistic Education we provide for our pupils. Our extra-curricular clubs, sporting activities, the arts and House competitions, combined with our wonderful visits programme, provide pupils with a unique opportunity to appreciate the world around them. I have long believed that the creative arts provide an exceptional platform upon which pupils can develop new skills, grow in confidence and, as people, develop qualities, in an environment where their talents are nurtured and then celebrated. This holistic approach to school life, for me, is integral to a good education and wonderful preparation for future life. 

In 2017 and 2019 Woldgate School was presented with an ‘Outstanding Outcomes Award’ from the SSAT for our academic results. Achievements such as these are testament to the hard work and dedication of pupils, parents and teachers, and they draw upon a combination of academic rigour, pastoral care of the highest quality, excellent teaching and learning, complemented by structures that monitor progress and intervene to provide individual support for each and every pupil. 

As we look to the future, I am absolutely committed to ensuring Woldgate School continues to develop with a clear, confident and strong identity based on shared values and with each pupil known and cared for as an individual. Our culture of collaboration and success will be matched by our determination to do the very best, both pastorally and academically, for the children in our care. 

  • A School where each child is known and cared for as an individual. 
  • An environment in which our pupils feel valued, safe and enjoy school. 
  • A School where every child is challenged and supported to succeed academically. 

I would encourage you to speak to our current parents, download our Ofsted Parent View page, our recent Ofsted Report and, of course, visit our school. We welcome applications for both Year 7 (208 places available) and Sixth Form (125 places available) from a wide geographical area and expect to be full this coming September. So please do come for a tour of our school, meet our fabulous pupils, and staff, and experience what makes this school truly unique. 

I do hope you will contact Helen Walker by telephone and arrange to visit the school. As Headteacher, it would be a pleasure to take you on a tour of our school if your son or daughter is considering studying here from September.  

Mr L Sloman