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SEND in Partnership with Parents and Carers

SEND in Partnership with Parents and Carers
We provide a creative, safe and caring environment where every child is known and cared for as an individual. In this climate, every young person has the opportunity to thrive.  

We have a whole-school approach to meeting Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND); every teacher at Woldgate School is a teacher of pupils with SEND and is responsible for the progress and development of all pupils in their classes. In addition, the Learning Support Department is available to support pupils, their teachers and parents/carers in Lower and Upper School. 

We can offer support in the following ways:

  • Accurately identify pupils with special educational needs and disabilities and ensure that their needs are met as early as possible. 
  • Advise the teaching staff on a graduated response to pupil need. 
  • Provide in class support and access to other interventions. 
  • Specialist assessments and mentoring. 
  • Ensure exam access arrangements are in place for pupils with additional needs. 
  • Referral to and liaison with external agencies and parents/carers. 
  • Transition support for pupils going on to College, Sixth Form or other places of Further Education. 

Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator works with the Head of School and Care and Achievement Coordinator to ensure that all pupils receive the support they need to succeed. Our SENDCo also runs the LEXIA programme for pupils who require additional support with literacy, as well as working with external agencies.


If you have any queries regarding SEND provision in Woldgate, please do not hesitate to email Due to the number of emails we receive, we try our best to respond within seven working days.

Senior Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Year 7 Care & Achievement Coordinator
Year 8 Care & Achievement Coordinator
Year 11 Care & Achievement Coordinator
Year 9 Care & Achievement Coordinator
Year 10 Care & Achievement Coordinator
Sixth Form Care & Achievement Coordinator


As a school we believe children succeed when they feel valued, cared for and supported. We believe that every child should be known and cared for as an individual. An atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation and our school and class sizes are, therefore, relatively small which ensures the tutor, teacher, Head of School and, of course, the Headteacher, can come to know your child over the next seven years of study at the school.

We aim to foster the development of the whole person, in a disciplined and ordered working environment which is secure and caring, and within which each pupil can aim for excellence.

To create a positive, happy atmosphere, in which pupils are able to take pride in their achievements, and in which pupils and staff work together with mutual respect, courtesy and consideration for others.

Our combined focus on Care and Achievement ensures that in caring for and supporting your child, we provide the very best environment for them to thrive in academically.


At Woldgate School, we aim to create a positive and motivated atmosphere, within which pupils can take pride in what they do. Our Heads of Department and the Heads of School, along with their teams, have oversight of your child’s academic achievement. With each tutor being committed to ensuring every child fulfils their potential and achieves their target. They will ensure that you are regularly updated on your child’s progress so you can be confident they are making the necessary success.