Part of the Family

One Family with Wonder Learning Partnership

One Family with Wonder Learning Partnership


Woldgate School and Sixth Form College is part of the Wonder Learning Partnership. Together we aspire to ensure the education provided is forward-thinking and outward-looking, where aspirations are high and ambitions unlimited. 

The Wonder Learning Partnership’s vision is to build a Trust foundation ensuring all our schools have the strategies, expertise and capacity they need to improve the education of our children. Our schools are a family with shared values who support each other, work collegiately and each maintain their own governing body. Our children have access to personalised tuition and our colleagues to tailored professional development. We are incredibly proud of what we achieve as a family. 


Our children are happy, they thrive, have fun, and learn, as we educate, share the wonders of our world, the knowledge gained from generations and teach our children the skills needed to shape the world around them. As we, like no other, enrich our rural, market and coastal towns, transform futures, and widen opportunity, while living into being, those values that shape and define our community.  


We work to empower those we serve, to help create a learning environment where our children can excel academically through the very best teaching, a curriculum that inspires and challenges. A place where our colleagues collaborate, using their time to develop in partnership exciting learning resources. We aim to enhance learning and provide colleagues with the time they need to adapt their teaching to the needs of their class, so they feel valued and can spend time with their own families. Wonder is a Trust where professional development is rich, tailored and career pathways help us to grow and retain talent. Our mission and service, our energies and time are invested in our classrooms, schools and in creating a Trust where the service we provide allows all to feel informed, empowered and supported, to focus on our children and to bring about school improvement. The Executive team, who bring their specialist expertise, ensure our school leaders can continue to invest their energies in our classrooms, with our children and young people, focused on the quality of education we provide. Confident that with our expertise in finance, estates, compliance, personnel, and our care for colleagues, we can from one of our local hubs, ensure your community remains safe, receives the investment it needs and continues to thrive. 


Our Trust with the Institute of Education works for the betterment of all, our articles clear that our funding is to be used ‘To advance for the public benefit education in the United Kingdom.’ We work, therefore, to build partnerships, bring colleagues, schools, communities, and employers together, to strengthen our links with rural enterprise, business, and with York St John University. All providing our children with unique opportunities and an exceptional education, to ensure upon graduation, our young people have the necessary soft skills and specialist knowledge they need to succeed in life and work. Our work is focused on best practice. We invest time in reading, researching, and evidencing our work, before we seek to make changes. Our journey is long, we do not believe in initiatives, bolt-on, reactive responses that change each academic year. In partnership we work to use research and to make evidence based, proven, long term improvements to our schools that bring about lasting fundamental change. It is work we share beyond our Trust, as our purpose extends well beyond the boundaries of our schools, to support all who seek to educate. 


We are an inclusive Trust, bringing together Church of England and non-denominational schools in partnership, enriching lives while celebrating and respecting all that makes us unique. We are a community where our values, culture and traditions shape our words and actions, providing our children with a rich cultural experience, a respect for the natural world and an understanding of how we remain true to ourselves, in an ever changing and challenging technological world.