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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning
As a school of over approximately 1,200 pupils and students we are large enough to offer a broad curriculum while at the same time ensuring your child is known and cared for as an individual. The curriculum at Woldgate School is driven by a desire to expand knowledge, drive progress and ensure our pupils enter the community of educated citizens. We value the qualifications that our pupils achieve but we want to ensure that pupils have the knowledge and competencies they need to understand and thrive in the world.  

To this end, each subject creates a progress journey for pupils, ensuring they are ready for what they are about to learn by building on the knowledge that has come before. We also believe in breadth, and the right of all pupils to study maths, literature, the humanities, science, computing and a language, as well as design and technology, art, music, drama and PE.  

At Woldgate School our teachers use the Woldgate Learning Cycle to plan each and every lesson. This six-part structure, based on the best national and internal research is proven to deliver pace, challenge and improve academic outcomes for our children.  

The cycle provides a framework within which our teachers can draw upon their expertise and extensive experience to ensure lessons have academic rigour, a broad range of activities, are exciting, relevant and have challenging content to stretch those pupils who are gifted and talented.  

In addition, teachers record in every lesson your child’s approach to their studies and ensure they receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work and academic progress. Teachers also use the latest data software to ensure every pupil is on-track and is making the very best academic progress. 

Learning Support 

We have a whole-school approach to meeting Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND); every teacher at Woldgate School is a teacher of pupils with SEND and is responsible for the progress and development of all pupils in their classes. In addition, the Learning Support Department is available to support pupils, their teachers and parents/carers through Lower, Middle and Upper School.  

We can offer support in the following ways: 

  • Accurately identify pupils with special educational needs and disabilities and ensure that their needs are met as early as possible. 
  • Advise the teaching staff on a graduated response to pupil need. 
  • Provide in class support and access to other interventions. 
  • Specialist assessments and mentoring. 
  • Ensure exam access arrangements are in place for pupils with additional needs. 
  • Referral to and liaison with external agencies and parents/carers. 
  • Transition support for pupils going on to College, Sixth Form or other places of Further Education. 
  • For further details please refer to the SEND policy on the Woldgate website

Developing the Whole Person 

We aim to foster the development of the whole person in a secure and caring environment, where each pupil can strive for excellence. We create a positive, happy atmosphere, allowing pupils to take pride in their achievements, and ensuring pupils and staff work together with mutual respect, courtesy and consideration for others.