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Friends of the School

Friends of the School


The Friends of Woldgate are a group of staff and parents whose aim it is to raise funds to support events and activities that make a difference to our pupils and students.

In addition to fundraising we also act as support at school events; such as by providing tea and coffee at Open Evenings, running a bar and refreshments at the School Show, Play or Summer Concert or being an additional supporting adult on school trips.

The Friends of Woldgate Committee will meet approximately three times a year to feed back updates on the school’s strategic direction, develop fundraising ideas and decide on fund allocations, as we also hope to be able to support a range of departments including funding video and digital cameras, equipment for textiles and technology, radio microphones, music keyboards, sound speakers and mixers, Duke of Edinburgh replacement kit, PE team kits, competition entrance fees and donations to help support the work of the students who travel abroad on school expeditions. It will also create a point of contact between parents, businesses and the school.

We have an ambitious goal of raising enough money to acquire a school mini-bus. In addition to frequent PE department trips to sporting events it will also be used for a variety of outings including Business Studies visits for Student Open Days and Work Placements as well as transporting pupils and students to competitions for different subjects and extracurricular clubs. If you are interested in being part of The Friends of Woldgate please email: