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Woldgate School Term Dates

Woldgate School Term Dates


School Year 2023/2024
Autumn Term 2023

Monday 4th September – Friday 27th October

Monday 6th November – Friday 22nd December (pupils finish at 12:15pm)

Spring Term 2024

Monday 8th January – Friday 9th February

Monday 19th February – Friday 22nd March (pupils finish at 12:15pm)

Summer Term 2024

Monday 8th April – Friday 24th May

Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May (schools closed to pupils on this date)

Monday 3rd June – Friday 19th July

Staff Training Days

Monday 4th September

Tuesday 5th September

Thursday 12th October

Monday 8th January


School Year 2024/2025
Autumn Term 2024

Monday 2nd September – Friday 25th October

Monday 4th November – Friday 20th December (pupils finish at 12:15pm)

Spring Term 2025

Monday 6th January – Friday 14th February

Monday 24th February – Friday 4th April (pupils finish at 12:15pm)

Summer Term 2025

Monday 21st April – Friday 23rd May

Bank Holiday: Monday 5th May (schools closed to pupils on this date)

Monday 2nd June – Friday 18th July

Staff Training Days

Monday 2nd September 2024

Thursday 10th October 2024

Monday 6th January 2025

Family Holidays During Term Time

Changes to term-time holiday legislation (Leave of Absence) have been made, and include the following:

Headteachers may not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Headteachers should determine the number of school days a child can be away under such exceptional circumstances. There are certain vulnerable and high profile periods of the year (e.g. the first six weeks of any academic year) when leave of absence may not be granted even under exceptional circumstances

Exceptional circumstances ( for which evidence will be needed) may include:

  • service personnel on active duty;
  • where an absence from school is recommended by a health professional as part of a parent’s or child’s rehabilitation from a medical or emotional issue;
  • the death or terminal illness of a person close to the family;
  • attendance at a wedding or funeral of a person close to the family
  • Penalty Notice charges will rise and payment periods will be reduced.

Headteachers will not be in a position to authorise any pupil absence from school simply on the grounds of a term-time holiday. Parents and carers are strongly advised to consult the DfE website for more details and not to make arrangements without knowledge of what is meant by exceptional circumstances.  Only then should they make their case to the Headteacher or e-mail the Education Welfare Service on for further advice. It is to your advantage to have this discussion prior to any plans being made.

Having done this, if you wish to make an application for Leave of Absence, please download the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances Request Form. This should be completed, signed and sent into school.

Regretfully, we cannot accept emailed copies of this Form, as it is essential that we receive a signed original document. Thank you for your co-operation.