Part of the Family

Lisa Lane

Attendance Matters

Good attendance means being in school at least 97% of the time across one academic year. We are committed to working with parents, carers and pupils to remove barriers to attendance. We recognise the importance of high attendance and the subsequent impact low rates of attendance have on progress and outcomes. Our policy is to Attendance Matters

Parents’ Evening Booking

We hold a range of events and evenings throughout the year for pupils, parents and carers to come into school, meet staff and discuss their child’s progress and wellbeing. We hold annual Parents’ Evenings for each Year Group; these are important opportunities for pupils, parents and carers to meet with subject teachers and discuss your Parents’ Evening Booking

Term Dates

School Year 2023/2024 Autumn Term 2023 Monday 4th September – Friday 27th October Monday 6th November – Friday 22nd December (pupils finish at 12:15pm) Spring Term 2024 Monday 8th January – Friday 9th February Monday 19th February – Friday 22nd March (pupils finish at 12:15pm) Summer Term 2024 Monday 8th April – Friday 24th May Bank Holiday: Term Dates